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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rep. Cushingberry places a hold on House Bill 5976 – Distressed Municipal Pension System Act. An update from Our Friend George in Lansing Michigan.

The Friends of Cushingberry
April 8, 2010

The recent 9 to 0 vote by the City Council contradicts the communication coming from Mayor’s office regarding the status of the pension system. With all of the votes counted our friend George has no other choice but to keep the bill in committee until the City Council approves it. Given all of the transparency issues regarding the pension system, it will be up to the citizens and the leadership of the City of Detroit to straighten the books and stabilize the financial turmoil with this account. To get a full picture of the situation, T.F.O.C. Blogger Richard Clement met with Rep. Cushingberry to find out what is going on.

T.F.O.C.: What is going on with the vote at City Council regarding the pension system?

Rep. Cushingberry: This bill will remain in committee until the City Council approves it. I venture to guess if the city council does not approve it then it will never get out of the committee.”

T.F.O.C.: Do you know when this will happen?

Rep. Cushingberry: I don’t know at this time but I always have my lines of communication open to anyone and follow very closely the activities of City leadership. Detroit is in my blood and DNA and I am very proud of that fact.

T.F.O.C.: Looks to me that City Council is saying that the pension system will be “blessed instead of being distressed” by City leaders instead of the State of Michigan.

Rep. Cushingberry: I respect the decision of the City Council and as you know Richard, I will always support the best interests of the people. I am glad that City Council is speaking up regarding the pension system and hopefully the issue will be resolved. Hey Richard, I have to go back to work for the people, thanks for calling.

T.F.O.C.: Thank you for your time and concern for the citizens, we appreciate you looking out for our citizens best interests.

The T.F.O.C. blog poll has % 95 percent accuracy rate on topics such as Industrial Hemp Research at Michigan State University, Medical Marijuana, and picking Mayor Bing as the next Mayor with a margin of error of +/- 2 votes. As of this date Karl Rove is not wearing a tether like former Mayor Kilpatrick for lying as of yet. Polling is not an exact science but follows trends and the environment that the poll is taken in.

There is still time to vote because the vote will end on April 15, 2010. Your comments are logged on our blog because we encourage public comment. These comments are analyzed and reviewed by T.F.O.C. and staff members from Rep. Cushingberry’s office in Lansing and Detroit. Finally we want you to join the Push for our friend Cush to move to the Michigan State Senate, District #4 in 2010 to keep fighting for the good of the people.

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