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Friday, April 9, 2010

Clarification on Stephen G. Scofes of Scofes Associates & the Medical Marijuana Program hearing on 4/15/2010 Lansing MI

The Friends of Cushingberry
April 9, 2010
by Richard Clement T.F.O.C.

The hearing on April 15, 2010 at the State Capitol in Lansing Michigan will be held as scheduled. At the hearing in addition to State Police Officials, there will be members from the Departments of Community Health and Information Technology. Scofes Associates is a company that represents other companies. Mr. Scofes does not own the software but speaks for other companies that do own the software and performs the actual work. He travels all over the country to speak for other companies who need a professional representative to appear in person.

His clients have the solution to save the taxpayers a lot of money because the Department is in violation of State Law by not processing cards within the 20 day period. This system can be quickly implemented at a minimal cost. The date of April 20, 2010 at 4:20AM remains a target date for action and a day when the citizen Computer Geeks of the world step up to the plate of public service. The law was well written by a group of excellent lawyers and advisors.

When the mechanics of the law was finally implemented, the process began to bog-down with delays in processing. The tools of technology were completely overlooked and ignored. This explains the 120 day backlog in processing because of a paper only process. The citizen geeks of the world by stepping up to the plate will solve this problem for the benefit of the people by automating the entire process. By enabling the minds, passion, and talents of the geek world, this process will be brought into compliance with the law.

If you would like to send written comment to your Michigan House of Representative member in Lansing please click here to do so. In the subject line of your message please say something along the lines of: (Support/Oppose – Marijuana Info Systems Upgrade). If you are a former or Non-Michigan resident, please contact Governor Jennifer M. Granholm by clicking here.

Pure Michigan includes Medical Marijuana, Industrial Hemp and, will create new job opportunities in the Great Lake State, all the way from Davidson and Livernois in Detroit, to Montmorency County, to Escanaba, Marquette, and Sault Ste Marie. With the high unemployment numbers in our State, creating manufacturing jobs and hope is a top priority in our community.

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