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Monday, August 7, 2017

My Home Detroit City! Vote Aug 8th and Nov 7th and Turn Up The Turnout

By  Richard C. Clement  

The music for this video was written by Edward T-Money Green of District 2 who will vote to Push with Cush tomorrow by finding his voting location (click here to find out where you vote) We hope some of his neighbors stop over to say hi to him there. 

Find Your Voting Location: Secretary of State Voter Location Website Link

We have known each other since 3rd grade and he is still Tony to me.  He is a product of Detroit Public Schools and a professional musician that has worked with many artists like the Dramatics, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, and other too numerous to mention.

Biography: Edward Tony Green Wikepedia Link

We must continue to fight for change legislatively to insure that educational opportunities remain for our youth in meaningful careers that will add to the quality of life.

We must continue to support S.T.E.A.M. careers and sponsor youth sports that can lead to lifetime careers and pay their way through college.  Bowling and Golf are NCAA sports that schools offer scholarships and financial assistance to pay for books.  

For people who like to tinker with cars, cruise weekend on Woodward will be hosted at Palmer Park on Woodward from McNichols to 8 Mile Road. sponsored by The Crusin In the D organization.  We hope that you bring your finest cars , bikes, and motorcycles on Woodward to pay tribute to the first piece of concrete connecting cities. For more information please visit the website .

For those who say that their vote does not count, just think about making cars run on fuel that was grown from the ground?  Fixing Pot holes with Pot? Making Clothes?  and 50,000 products. 

Industrial Hemp is the Male part of the Marijuana plant that can be used as a fuel source for vehicles and, repair the atmosphere at the same time.

Source Website 

Green Jobs making concrete from hemp products for Road repair instead of Jails is in the power of your vote. 

By now we all have cell phones that have more computing power than anything that NASA had sending people to the moon and back in the 1960s.  Start using your search engines like Google, Bing, and other applications to search on keywords Industrial Hemp Fuel and find out for yourself.

In my four years in this position, I Richard C. Clement was beat up by the Detroit Media mob on the first day of the job. They dogged me out and taught me well about what time it was. That's ok because I am glad I did not quit. Nor did I get fired and I sincerely thank Mr. Cushingberry for that. Now they are so cool to meet in person and I want to send a shout out and thank you to Alexis Wiley, ML Elrick, Ronnie Dahl, Kevin Detiz, and those other radio and TV people who helped me along the way.

Nolan Finley, you are ok too. I was right in saying that Jones and Cush will lead the push for a smarter and brighter City. Balanced budgets and getting our Schools back under local control will be an absolute plus for the children and the future direction of Detroit.

And on October 1st, Michigan Firefighers will benefit from the proceeds of Medical Marijuana Sales that was signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder. And I am still advocating for alternative treatment for retired City Employees with PTSD and other symptoms that can be treated with Cannabis. Especially all the retired DPD Officers who are totally stressed out after serving us so proudly.

Otherwise, be an informed voter by using your search engines on your electronic devices on issues that concern you. Then look and search for George Cushingberry Jr. Detroit. After comparing all of the candidates and, looking at what was done and accomplished by Mr. Cushingberry in public service, there is no other choice but to vote for the man who is and continues to be Unbought, Unbossed, and determined to Keep Detroit Moving Forward.

Get Out And Vote in 2017 to practice for 2018.  

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