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Monday, March 20, 2017

Municipal Golf Courses And Land Use Agreements in the 21st Century On City Budgets

By Richard C. Clement

In 2016, City of Detroit Golf Courses make $57,000 in profits combined, according to testimony by Charles Beckham of the Mayor’s Office at the full session of The Council.  Members were informed by Mr. Beckham of the financial burden municipal courses are to the City.  He cited a national trend that Golf Course use is on the national decline and, that younger people are not picking up the game like their parents did.  To support his statement, Mr. Beckham cited places like Lansing, and Oakland County that are having the same problem with the maintenance costs.

Municipalities are restricted by land use agreements that are part of the deed in trust on the property, preventing them from using the land for something else. Recent experiences with Rev. Charles Ellis and Rackham Golf course highlighted the costly endeavor of maintaining a course. He was awarded the property when the City of Detroit was looking to eliminate debit and, wanted to maintain a golf course at the site. When the property that he owned could not be converted to a cemetery because of land use agreements, Bishop Ellis was forced to dump the property. 

A series of one year contracts were approved by the council to maintain the grounds so that 2017 is a great year on the links.. 

To save some of these courses, a public private partnership with the City and Golf Club Contractors was signed The solution is a combination of a few events that include educational institutions and potential land developers. Golf is a great game for students to learn how to play. Therefore there has to be an concerted effort to highlight the benefit of golf while inspiring the young.  For senior citizens who want to chill out on their remaining years, Golf is a game for exercise. For youth and young adults under 40, Golf is a game for scholarships and social meetings mixed with competition.  Golf is a game that is played from the head up. 

To bring back the game, Golfers at all levels must support youth programs and, encourage schools to keep the game alive through inter-school competition.  Maintenance costs have to be contained and controlled through asset management. Like baseball and bowling, a serious awareness movement in our schools are essential to it's survival. - Good Stuff on the Internet