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Monday, January 12, 2015

Pushing with Pro-Tem Cush to upgrade Detroit Fire Department’s Technology.

By Richard C. Clement

"When it comes to old technology, friends don't let friends run junk"
   - Words from a retired computer systems pro in District 2

Detroit City Council President
Brenda Jones
                The Detroit City Council has approved a two year budget for the Detroit Fire Department that includes adding additional Emergency Medical Technician personnel and use of Global Positioning Software and Google Earth. DFD/EMS units will also have the ability to closely monitor runs to spot abusers or frequent flyers who use the EMS services for non-emergencies.  Calls are already being ranked by priority codes when someone calls in.  When the EMS unit arrives, the run is given a code and, a priority ranking system will determine if this caller’s address is in fact a frequent flyer.  Repeat offenders can be identified fairly quickly so that other agencies can provide the long term help these people need.

To cut down response time, the department has hired 66 new Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) in 2014 with another 34 graduating on January 23rd, 11:30am at the Detroit Public Safety Building.   DFD/EMS has acquired 15 new ambulances and have up to 12 Private Ambulance Providers that provide additional service during peak times of 1:00pm to 1:00am on call. An additional communications channel has been added to allow dispatch to communicate much better than before.

New ROMEO Non-Transport Units

DFD/EMS Rapid Response (ROMEO) Units
This two year budget allows for new ROMEO non-transport Rapid Response Units that are staffed by EMT’s. These units provide onsite medical service to someone until a transport unit arrives.  The color of these units are RED and they look like a small pickup truck. These units are so versatile that some of them are based at Detroit Police Precincts.  The last item of importance is the cross training of Firefighters as Medical First Responders that can give First Aid until an EMS transport unit arrives to take the person to a hospital.

With the new changes and funding the Detroit Fire Department EMS Units will be able to reduce response times and provide better services to the citizens of the City of Detroit.


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