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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Delinquent Water Bills

The Detroit Water & Sewerage Department has a policy of shutting off water service when bills are 45 days past due, but the majority of residential balances are over six months old.

Roughly $1 million of the biggest delinquent water bills belong to:

City of Detroit Public Fold Course at Palmer Park (owes $422,295)
VA Hospital (owes $131,096.28)
Joe Louis Arena(owes $80,255.25)
Apartment Building on W.Chicago (owes $71,621.87)
Eastern Market (owes $60,911)
Ford Field (owes $55,803)
Abandoned Homes (owes $47,075.09)
Properties on Coyle (owes $41,200.10)

In addition to these delinquencies, more than $20 million is past due on commercial and industrial accounts. Detroit Public Schools is responsible for about 20% of that figure; they owe $3.8 million.
According to the emergency manger, Kevyn Orr, Detroit was losing an average of 24,000 residents a year between 2000 and 2010. Consequently, many of these previously lived in homes are now vacant. Abandoned properties account for nearly 20% of houses in the city of Detroit, so it is very possible that thousands of accounts represent tenant free homes.

As a resident of the City of Detroit if you cannot afford to pay your water and sewer bill, the Detroit Residential Water Assistance Program (DRWAP)may be of service. To qualify for financial assistance, customers need to:
be a Detroit resident
be faced with shut off or pending shut off of their water or sewer service
be at or below 200-percent of current Federal Government Poverty Levels
need to be living in a single-family dwelling and responsible for paying their water bill on a monthly basis

Please contact the DHS Community Service Center in your area for more information on this program.

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Anonymous said...

The department does not use the word sewage. Y'all can't even get the department names correct. - Good Stuff on the Internet