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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Restoring the Revenue: Fixing Detroit’s lighting issues through educational training, the Wind and the Sun.

by The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.
Sept. 11, 2013

Why should we accept failure?  Accepting mediocre work as a solution is unacceptable for Detroit.  Replacing streetlights in the city powered by DTE with solar powered streetlights made in Detroit will create jobs and opportunity for everyone. Recently the City of Highland Park tore out their streetlights and converted to Solar Power because they cost too much to operate. Why not Detroit, Hamtramck and any other city in Michigan doing the same thing? (click here to read about the City of Highland Park Lighting effort)

Our Future is NOW
We have solar powered everything else and we call ourselves technically savvy but, we are operating City Government like the 1940’s when it comes to technology innovation. We have done well as a city and we can do much better.  An electrician by the name of Roland Cornish in Lansing Michigan once told a group of students that "there is a big difference in electronics and being an electrician".  We have people that are very good at hot rigging home for illegal electric service.    Why can’t we train them to work FOR the people by paying them a living wage to maintain the electrical infrastructure for the city?    By training them and hiring them we are creating a circular revenue stream of working people in the City and neighborhoods. Unions like the  International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers ( and public school programs will address the shortage by finding and training kids and adults who want to work.

Solar Power and Wind is our friend
December in Michigan is a cloud covered mess sometimes. When that happens, we have a backup through the use of wind generated energy.   Using a combination of strategically located wind turbines and solar power, the City of Detroit will cut energy costs in half. Our city is being challenged to be great again through innovation and creation of positive ideas. The adversity that has found us will soon be converted to positive energy.  The new district structure will give neighborhoods a voice they have never had before.   If City Council members have to live in the District they represent, this should also hold true for City Workers to live in the City.  Although not required, we can provide more incentives to build homes in Detroit where the jobs are.  
Johnson Recreation Center
If we are all talking about running government like a business, then City employees living within the city limits would have a %50 reduction in property tax and, other incentives like (discounted air fare and tickets to sporting events for example) that are given to private company employees.  The re-opening of Johnson Recreation Center for the neighborhood is essential to revitalize the neighborhood. Recreation Centers are a vital part of the life of the City and they must be revisited.  Paying high priced consultants to fix a low price problem is an economic imbalance that can be corrected.

George Cushingberry Jr. and
A young man registering to vote for the 1st time
Getting on I-75, I-94, I-96, and the Lodge northbound at 5pm is a testament to the need for a regional light rail system.  The energy saved in lighting costs can be re-invested into City-Wide and regional transportation systems with the passenger cars built in Michigan inside a converted Packer plant for instance. All of the plant’s power needs are generated through bio-diesel engines, wind and solar power. If we are using the retirees pension program to fund joint business ventures and real estate, we can divert that funding to rebuild the city by purchasing entire tracts of land for development into things like, affordable housing and entrepreneur zones with City Wide Wi-Fi as an example.  A good business always re-invests their profit into their primary assets like the people and where they live. The Friends of George Cushingberry are always open to ideas that will revitalize and re-energize the city. If you have other ideas please use our comment section at the end of this article to share your ideas with us.
The Boundaries of District #2

These are the type of changes that our City needs to prosper and, you will get it if you Elect George Cushingberry to the Detroit City Council. He is the man for YOU in District #2. 

#PushCUSH for Detroit





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