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Friday, August 16, 2013

Corners of Black History: The Annual 8 Mile Reunion in Detroit and my love for the City.

By The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr. & Committee to Elect George Cushingberry to Detroit City Council.

"There has always been good in the neighborhood" - Anon.

In a small corner of Detroit evolves a history and a talent so immense that it cannot be described until you have been there.  The annual 8 mile reunion is held every 2nd August on the grounds that served as a mustering grounds for African American troops in Civil War. 

The base line road (8 mile) served as a marker for Lewis and Clark expedition to map the United States long before GPS was in the picture.  
Later on in life it served as a National Guard base.   The infamous wall of segregation is nearby when the neighborhood was transitioning from predominantly Jewish to Black.

In the park behind the old Beaubien Jr. High School (Bates Academy) there are people who have made it another year and still standing here.  This is a welcome to each other because you are always thinking about the people who have made the transition to eternity, with the people who could not make it for other reason second. This event has come symbolize the gathering of people who grew up along the road we call 8 mile. 

Photo And This is where it all began.
I was fortunate to have the Church’s Confidence when I served as secretary of the Sunday school under Rev. C.B. Heath and,  S.Leon Whitney. Pastor "J" has improved and expanded with Christ.

I will continue to work for my man Oscar Baker and it 8mile family.

Thanks to mom for the chicken, Dr. Al, Dennis, Carey, Roscoe Ben, Bowe, Willie, Jackie, Todd, Jim and all our poll team, Big Lu, Poku, Binion, Clement family.

I am indebted to Larry, Des, Trey Squared, and my main man B.J.
Without B. I couldn’t have sustained.
Thanks Pastors, deacons and my trustee Eddie my big brother.

PhotoI'm proud of my Church families.
Keep praying for me.

Oscar I love you and Robin for your confidence.
I could not have one without my true friend Sheree.
Thanks Pastor Perkins and Sr. Flip, Golden empress, Hottentott, the Black,
Thanks Locker Room Lounge.
Thanks Livernois and Hurst family.
I exist with your love.
Thank you James Weiner for all of your support

Thank you and shout out to all of you in the cannabis community who supported my efforts to bring a sane end to this horrible war on drugs.  The drug war is an additional tax on the backs of black people in our community and this must end now! Michael Kormorn, you are and always will be the man.

We celebrate breast cancer survivors.
My friends reminded me to not change on women rights.
I won’t....Edna probably switch me:-)

We taking our neighborhoods back one home and lot at a time.
Thanks to  all y’all and remember to Vote this November 5th (or by absentee two weeks earlier) to start a new day and Direction for our beloved City of Detroit.


The Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr. to Detroit City Council District #2


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