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Friday, March 29, 2013

What it takes to Make a Great City: Neighborhood Residents and Business working together to bring peace and prosperity.

Supporting City of Detroit Business Establishments
By George Cushingberry Jr. Esq.
Candidate for Detroit City Council District #2

My people, how lame and anti-Detroit y'all can be by saying you can't come to Will’s Place or other food operations cause they sell alcohol. Some of you will go to places that refuse to come to the city like Red Lobster that sell alcohol but that's ok.  Some of you complain that I do not have events at Black Business and that is not true.  Baker’s Keyboard, Mr. Mapps, Will’s Place, Penthouse, and other businesses have been Detroit institutions for a very long time.  These business owners and others have long weathered the storm of the economy while others have failed.   I also encourage and support the young business owners (35 and younger) who are stepping up to the plate.  We need more young (and old) Magic Johnson types to come in or evolve from the streets and schools of Detroit for the public good.

How long will this self-hatred last! Black Entrepreneurs in Detroit are suffering and they have the best food.  These business owners have been around Detroit for a very long time.  Some of them could have been franchise owners and CEO’s but chose to stay in the city because of the loyalty of customers, love for the city, and wanting to be their own boss. Kenisha, Channele and I were very pleased with the food at the Penthouse (Varsity Lounge on Google). Youngsters can eat too!  We marveled at the ingenuity of Detroit black business who have merged and worked together to survive. We all liked 7 Mile Shrimp from Dot and Etta’s and, it has been reborn inside Wills Place on 7 mile and Greenfield. 

Mother Cushingberry is still getting fresh food and produce cooked to order from down south. Welcome to the new user friendly Detroit that supports business in the neighborhood. Support Local Businesses and by doing that, you money gets circulated within the community in which you live by; owners maintaining their property, owners paying property taxes, and owners creating jobs and stimulating the neighborhood economy.  This will draw more people to the city and increase the need for people to be hired for the purposes of being police, firefighters, and other jobs as needed to sustain the City of Detroit.

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