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Friday, January 4, 2013

Elect George Cushingberry Jr. to Detroit City Council in 2013? - A question to my friends..

Dear Friends,

An exploratory committee has been formed by concerned citizens of Northwest Detroit regarding the election of our friend George Cushingberry Jr as a member of the Detroit City Council, representing District #2 in 2013.  Our friend George has been a longtime supporter of the City and it's people.  If elected to City Council he promises to restore the roar of the City by investing in it's assets. 

Air Force 3 parked at Coleman Young International 
The Coleman Young International Airport (formerly known as City Airport) will be enhanced and upgraded  with enhanced runways to handle commercial, private and, corporate aircraft for quick access to downtown locations and events.  A new international passenger terminal with the Red Tail lounge named in honor of the Tuskegee Airmen and Mayor Young, will welcome passengers and guests to the city as they wait for their bags, transportation, or flights.

Mr Cushingberry is totally disgusted with the home situation in the city also.  Revitalizing neighborhoods with lighting and materials to restore or build new property is a must. Consumer friendly bankers who really want to re-invest into the community are essential for the financial protection of  residents.  Programs to train interested youth and adults how to become home construction builders and inspectors will create opportunities for all.

Given the overwhelming support of marijuana decriminalization in the City of Detroit, Mr. Cushingberry is willing to look into urban farming and manufacturing opportunities with the cannabis plant.  This is an old idea that was once created by Mayor Coleman S. Young. Mayor Young used recreation centers as neighborhood hubs of activity. There are over 25,000 products that can be made from the male cannabis plant. Manufacturing jobs are the ticket to economic stability. By creating manufacturing jobs with cannabis products, the City of Detroit unemployment numbers would drop from 2 to 5 full percentage points. As a side note to legalization, the annual firing of guns on New Years Day activity subsided noticeably in 2013.

Belle-Isle will remain an asset of the City of Detroit with Detroit residents given preference points of up to %100 to be hired for any State of Michigan job contracted to island services.   Bell Isle must be upgraded and treated with respect from the people who faithfully use the island's beauty to relax and rewind from the stress of the daily grind. Therefore Mr. Cushingberry believes that funding for maintenance and development can be created from agriculture research and bio product manufacturing..

If you are concerned about the direction and the future of the City of Detroit, we encourage you to let George know by casting your vote in our online poll.

The Exploratory Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr. to Detroit City Council

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