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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Demand States Rights support for Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers from the Office of Attorney General staff now!.

Contact your State Senator in Lansing Michigan Today at

Patients deserve protection from the State's top Law Enforcement Official.

Michigan Medical Marijuana participants deserve protection from Federal law regarding the dreaded 100 plant rule. With Marijuana being accepted by the will of the people, this artificial barrier must be removed or raised to accommodate patients. Currently, if you are in possession of 100 or more plants, you will be charged with Manufacturing and distribution of between 100-999 plants or 100-999 kilograms and a penalty between 5 - 40 years in prison. These charges may include forfeiture of property and assets. Patients in Michigan are in need of protection and support from the top law enforcement official in the State to enforce 10th amendment of the US Constitution regarding State’s Rights.
This artificial rule has been used by law enforcement to arrest people and seize property with reckless abandon. The 100 plant rule is a tax or extortion fee used by county prosecutors to force people to plead guilty to something they were doing legally under State law. In some cases, driving privileges are suspended for up to 1 year and the additional cost of being monitored by a probation officer is costly to the citizen/taxpayers of the State.
It is legally impossible to be guilty of a Federal crime when the State of Michigan legally allows caregivers to have 5 patients at 12 plants each. This is a disadvantage to two or more caregivers who share utility expenses to drive down the cost of growing and maintaining a plant. The vote in Colorado, Washington State, and 5 cities in Michigan is causing the Mexican Government to rethink their opposition to Marijuana. Officials there are asking their government “why are we stopping something that is legal in the USA”?
In addition to that, recent yes votes in Detroit, Ypsilanti, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo to allow for possession and use of Marijuana has changed the legal landscape so much as to force government officials in United States to rethink their Marijuana policies. In the State of Washington, judges have been dismissed 220 misdemeanor cases of Marijuana possession at a cost savings to their government and taxpayers.

We need sound and competent leadership from the Office of Attorney General regarding Marijuana reform. All Marijuana manufacturing cases in the State of Michigan should be dismissed immediately on the basis of Legal Impossibility saving the Michigan Taxpayers at least 2 million dollars on a two billion dollar budget in the Department of Corrections. Purging these people from the department’s oversight is necessary to keep the State of Michigan from going off the fiscal cliff. Resources dedicated to killing jobs and disregarding the intent of your constituents can be re-directed so that no one has to suffer from poor quality cannabis, K2 synthetic Marijuana, or any other imitations to the plant from GOD.

If you can take 15 minutes of your time, please make clear to Attorney General Bill Schuette that State Resources must be stopped being used to dismantle and sabotage the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program. This would greatly aid in discontinuing costly recall efforts against the current occupant in the Office of Attorney General. There have been seven attempts to recall Mr. Schuette to make him aware of his conduct regarding Medical Marijuana. The states of Washington and Colorado went to full legalization this November. It is also coincidental that President Barack Obama won these states on November 6th in a margin so big that he can show Donald Trump his Electoral College transcripts.
Therefore we want you to perform the following actions for Medical Marijuana Program participants:

Amend House Bill 4834 to allow for photographs to be placed on Michigan Medical Marijuana participant cards including online registration, card verification, renewal, and change. If it is good enough for the Secretary of State’s office then it is good for Department of LARA.
Vote no on HB 4856 regarding the lock and sealed container requirement for Medical Marijuana transportation within a car. This mean spirited legislation designed to be a cash cow job stimulus for Defense Attorneys and County Prosecutors on the backs of program participants. There is no requirement for mainstream corporate drugs to be treated like a Concealed Weapon therefore; this bill discriminates against the cannabis plant. Cannabis deserves equal treatment under the civil rights law of the land.
Finally, we want the Office of Attorney General to represent the patients and caregivers against the 100 plant rule from the Federal Government as being legally impossible.
Contact your Senator Today
Richard C. Clement - Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient Advocate
Past Director of Minority Affairs and Outreach Programs
Michigan Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

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