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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Reprocessed Waste Saves Money and Clears the Air Space.

Meloganite is a by-product of processed solid human waste. The largest producers of material are municipal water sewage systems. The City of Detroit has been collecting solid waste from citizens and burning it in a large incinerator for years. By converting this process to a Meloganite re-processing operation, a municipality can generate revenue for development and maintenance of their community.

The final product can be packaged and sold as fertilizer for people to use on their lawns and gardens. For example the city of Milwaukee Wisconsin currently sells their Meloganite at retail outlets like Home Depot and Menards. With all of the available and abundant land in the State of Michigan due to foreclosures and abuse of financial bearing products by hedge fund managers, Meloganite will help restore the land for producing food, medicine, and better looking lawns for property owners.

House Appropriations Chairman Rep. George Cushingberry Jr(D-08) and Agriculture Chairman Rep. Mike Simpson(D-65) urge Mayor Bing to stop burning solid waste and spare the citizens health from polluting the air with cancer causing carcinogens. Therefore we are urging Mayor Bing to complete the contract to send solid waste to Michigan agricultural applications instead of burning it in the Detroit incenary. Air quality is a priority and the completion of this action would help end the pollution of our environment.

Meloganite equals a new word($) for an old turd.

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