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Friday, May 8, 2009

Congratulations to Mayor Bing. You have 3 months to “Do Your Thing”.

We offer our congratulations to Dave Bing and the successful race for Mayor of Detroit. Now that the people have made their voices heard (%15 of you), Mr. Bing has 3 months to make effective change. If he is successful in becoming one of the two final candidates for the November election, Detroit will truly have a new vision and a direction for the next four years.

Will Chief Barren stay or go? Will others survive or assimilate to accept the new leadership changes from the Bing Administration? Can the Department of Recreation become a driving force in the City again? Besides Police and Fire, the Recreation department has been one of the most influential departments in the city. The way to support the youth is for the youth to have something to do. There are opportunities where young people can participate in rebuilding the city in the form of rebuilding homes, cutting grass, and summertime swimming in City pools.

The City swimming pools are a hiring ground for lifeguards and play an important part in helping Detroit residents learn how to swim. Drowning is a sin that can and should be avoided at all costs. Training youth how to swim is essential to having a great city. Mr. Bing can make a strong impact in this area if he can pull off a “two minute drill” knocking down ‘three pointers from the arc’ in organizing departments.

Mr. Bing would be guaranteed re-election in November if he could restore the functionality of Coleman Young International Airport for commercial flights again. This area of the city has suffered from total benign financial neglect. Hiring security for the parking lots and working with Delta/Northwest, a small hub in the city will employ numerous City residents and, restore the neighborhoods that surround them. Airport management needs the support of the Mayors office and council to make effective change.

Mr. Bing would also re-vitalize the City by supporting same day voter registration for Detroit Residents. The Current City clerk is very open to the use of streamlined technology. With the current technology this process would be very easy to implement.

State Representative Cushingberry will be very supportive of the people’s choice for Mayor. He will do everything he can for Detroit from the Capitol providing stimulus for the City with support from Senate Democrats and Governor Granholm. Accounting transparency is a must for the school system and Rep. Cushingberry supports allowing parents to purchase books for their children from publishers and receive a tax credit for %110 of the value of the books purchased when they are donated to the school system.

Mayor Bing will have 3 months to do his thing if he wants the job for the next 4 years.

We wish him and our city well.

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