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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Take back Detroit: Rep. Cushingberry favors expanding Law Enforcement resources from Washington and Lansing for Citizens of Detroit.

Our Friend George will sponsor legislation to expand law enforcement services support to Detroit residents. The support will benefit agencies such as the Detroit Public Schools Public Safety and the Wayne County Sherriff Department. To help support the Detroit Police Department, Mr Cushingberry will push for the establishment of a State Police Post within the City Limits. Detroit Police Chief Barren will get additional stimulus for the department for funding the Mini Stations that are spread out between the precincts of the city. With Law Enforcement spread out into the neighborhoods, police resources are located closer to the community. For high crime and special circumstances that require the approval of the residents on that street, security cameras will be mounted on that street with a history tape to record movements and to secure homes.

The Detroit Public Schools will benefit from the increase funding because it will allow the schools to open opportunities for interaction between the youth and Police and Fire Departments. Apprentice cadet programs for Police and Fire careers would be sponsored by community officers in both departments. Programs like EMT, Underwater Rescue and recovery, Detective work, and Arson Investigation will allow Detroit youth to explore careers in public service.

Facilities like empty school buildings and other abandoned structures could be re-furbished with Stimulus funding to have public services closer to the residents. These facilities in the communities can house Federal agencies such as the US Marshals Office, FBI, DEA, and ATF could share these facilities. Rep Cushingberry will also support a study that will analyze response times by call types over a two-year period. From this study a guideline will be developed for Police to respond to calls based on emergency type. A base required response time of 15 minutes on all calls will be a goal of the department and Rep Cushing berry will assist from Lansing with funding, organizing meetings, and other duties that the Fire and Police Departments together can solve.

Having an advocate for the people in Lansing is a gift of gold, especially to Detroit residents who faithfully live in the City despite this economy. George is really concerned about his people and will do whatever he can to help the City residents. As President Obama has stated, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is shining bright with opportunity for all. Rep Cushingberry has the same compassion for his fellow citizens and is a zealot when it comes to their needs. Being down is a temporary condition that can be fixed over time through determination and monetary support from Banks and other Venture Capitalists.

Hang on because our time is coming….

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