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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stimulating Michigan from Washington: Contact the Congress and President to Reclassfy Marijuana to it's proper place in the land.

A change in this law will allow Michigan to recover from this depression of 8 years by allowing citizens to grow their own food and medicine. To properly change the law the US Congress will have to introduce legislation for the President to sign into law.

E-mail your federal elected officials (click here) in congress to support legislation to allow Marijuana to be removed from the Controlled Substances Act Scheduled Drug List. The financial impact upon the State of Michigan would be serious stimulus. This would allow our State Legislators the ability to issue tax stamps for Marijuana that will be reinvested back into the community. Currently states like California collects revenue from Marijuana sales of 1.5 billion dollars a year. This amount is %75 of the entire Michigan Department of Corrections budget. When Michigan issues Marijuana Tax Stamps for $50.00 per ounce an amazing amount of revenue will be generated. According to published estimates, 600,000 people in Michigan use Marijuana. If 1 person purchased an ounce a month at $50.00 a month, the state would generate $360,000,000 dollars in revenue.

By starting with your US House Represenative and Senators Levin and Stabenow(click here), this bill would quickly go through the official process of becoming a law. There will be some legislators who will debate it but they only get 5 minutes to speak like everyone else. Or we can help expedite the process by asking President Obama to put his campaign pledge into an action plan.

Send a message to President Obama ( click here ) asking him to issue an Executive Order to remove Marijuana from Controlled Substances Act Schedule Drug List. This procedure will be immediate and takes effect as soon as The President signs his name on the dotted line. By pursuing this option the president would be effectively end the senseless drug war on Marijuana. Americans would save on the wasted resources and dollars it has cost the nation. It will allow the representative of the House and Senate to work on more pressing issues such as Health Care, Iraq, and the current financial crisis. The war on marijuana will be effectively delcared over and done with.

As our President has stated, he will not spend a lot of political capital regarding Marijuana while people are living in Tent Cities and their cars. The country can focus on green energy initiatives like Cellulosic Ethanol and Industrial Hemp Fuel programs for all Government owned vehicles. This policy would apply for Federal, State and local Government vehicles operated in the State of Michigan. That policy change would generate numerous jobs in the agriculture industry.

State Departments were issued a 14 day mandate by the Chairman of the House Intergovernmental and Oversight Committee on March 12, 2009 to produce results showing the impact of the Implementation of Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008 on April 6th, 2009 at 12:01am EDT. What will the Attorney General bring back to the committee regarding the differences in federal and state law? Should the Attorney General support the President of United States issuing an executive order removing Marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act Schedule Drug List? Send your questions to to register your legal interpretations and opinions with fellow lawyers and help reshape America’s direction to pull us out of this depression we are in.

We are looking for expert witness testimony from health care professionals to document the benefits of Medical Marijuana for the record. Please e-mail state officials with your testimonials on the benefits of Marijuana and listen to the output from the Department of Community Health. Should the State Drug Czar be compelled to follow the law of the land? If so then how can this person be an advocate and a true health professional regarding issues like diabetes, cancer, and vision coverage? E-mail the bureau of public health info

We are also asking to hear from the information technology community regarding the Department of Community Heath processing applications for patient and caregiver claims with their website. We want to see a webpage documenting the costs, use of contract personnel, and maintenance issues. We the people shall not tolerate data being shipped out of state to be processed in Michigan. This does not create jobs locally and we have the facilities here to do the job. E-mail your concerns to the Department Director at

It would be nice to see this executive order and/or legislation be signed into law
with an effective date of April 20th 2009 in a tribute to Chef Ra the first African American of the Ann Arbor Hash Bash and an activist for Marijuana Reform. University of Michigan Grad Jennifer Gratz would have never shared a Marijuana cigarette with this brother but for what he did for Marijuana reform was a total Civil Rights initiative. Now everyone will have an Equal Opportunity to stand up for the civil right of using cannabis responsibly. Sadly he is no longer with us but his spirit and dedication remains in all of us who helped make a positive change.

The will of the people has spoken.

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