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Friday, December 5, 2008

Restoring the Revenue: Justice in sharing federal TARP money – Can the big 3 tough it out until January 20th 2009?

It is evident that the Bush administration is preparing for retirement. The President and Mrs. Bush have backed up the van to the back door of the White House. So the question is can the Big 3 tough it out until January 20th 2009? Can the members of the auto industry hang on until the “new hire” for the position of President of the United States starts work? With one executive order an entire industry will be re-started. The innovation and creativity that made the Big 3 what they were will be back. Engineers and visionaries will be free to explore new ideas and methods for better automobiles. Contract work from the Department of Defense, State and Local agencies will be increased to restore the revenue to the people.

Auto companies will realize that they will have to use fuel sources other than Gasoline to power vehicles. Natural technologies will be developed by scientists and grow by farmers for all Government owned vehicles. The Department of Agriculture will have additional help from Federal matching funds for the development of alternative fuel sources. Celloustic Ethanol and Industrial Hemp will be the fuels of choice because; we want to start with just two over a 10 year period. $2 million dollars in Federal TARP funds would match the amount that the State grows per year in metric tons.

The hearings being conducted by the United States Senate and House in December 2008 will lay the groundwork for a new business plan for the States to create their own fuel sources for government vehicles with restricted funds. Michigan’s agriculture industry will benefit with minimal funding by utilizing the land that is currently funded not to produce by the Federal Government. The quality of life will rise for the people because farms that produce income will spend the dollars in the community. The cities will benefit when they have to pay for their fuel with restricted funds. The revenues from the fuel will be given back to the cities in the form of recreation centers, rapid repair of utility services, and increased Bulk Day services in Detroit to twice a month for example.

This will cause the Cities to hire more workers who live in the neighborhoods where they work. That would take care of the housing crisis caused by the greedy Wall Street speculators for the last 8 years. We the people will have better oversight over the financial industry because; on January 20th 2009 at 12:01pm a new day will take hold. When Barack Obama takes the oath of office, he will deliver on his promise of helping the manufacturing industry. He said that that help is on the way and he plans to deliver. The financial industry will be providing reports daily to the people in the form of:

1. Increased federal monitoring of funds.
2. An online version of the federal budget for public viewing.

These next 4 years, the Obama Administration will cure the disease of “Paralysis of Analysis” as described by Us Rep. Al Green (D) Texas-09) in a House Banking Committee hearing. This quote from Dr. Martin Luther King clearly describes the lack of analysis before making a decision. This practice will end with better management of federal funds. The Obama Administration will tactically use technology to closely monitor spending and revenue. As your representative I will sponsor legislation to manage this at a State level to the total benefit of the auto industry. This will also guarantee a living wage to everyone who wants to work. If you don’t have the skills, training will be provided from the revenue generated from re-directed funds from the fuel industry. With the additional revenue from the increase in sales of automobiles, everyone will benefit.

In the countdown to the new administration, I believe that if the big three has been suffering for this amount of time, then a few more days would hurt with the feeling that a change will be coming. The rationale behind scrutinizing the auto industry while giving a blank check to the finance industry will be a moot point. GM and Chrysler have good lawyers that can file Chapter 11 and get the filing dismissed on January 20th 2009 in an executive order from the new President.

We are looking forward to the Obama Administration to have smart people in charge to manage the oversight of the TARP funds. Federal Regulators armed with the latest accounting tools will have every penny and transaction accounted for with an electronic paper trail. We are also looking forward to increase funding in the energy area to accommodate the technology of the Chevrolet Volt and other Hybrid cars.

Just hold on everyone, a change is coming. January 20th is less than 60 days away. Think for the future, contact your elected officials by e-mail, fax, YouTube, or any method allowed by law. You can contact me at or call the office at 517 373-2276. Lastly you can visit my website at and make a donation.

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