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Friday, September 5, 2008

What’s good about Detroit? Children’s hospital, Buick Lucern, Bonding at a Detroit Lions football game.

Here I go again talking about my favorite city. As I was talking with some of my staff members, I asked them this question. What is good about Detroit? Why did I do that? They could not stop talking at all until I told them I had to go to bed. They brought up the fact that Detroit still makes some of the finest automobiles in the world. Despite what you hear about outsourcing, we still make the Buick Lucern, Cadillac DHS and DTS, Dodge Charger, Jeeps and the new Chevrolet Volt. They are all great automobiles and especially if you get a sun room installed. Recently these cars were cited for having a reliability rate of over 90 percent, which is much better than the Mercedes Benz. Although the news media rarely covers this, we know deep down in our hardcore Detroit hearts that we still produce world popular and reliable automobiles. The Detroit Auto Show is the premiere annual auto gala event.

Eastern Market features food and vegetables that are grown in Detroit! Hometown farming is a priority and our residents take pride in their work. There are no synthetic chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, or other genetically modified food products allowed in our city. Every Saturday from 6:30am to 3:00pm in shed #2, the finest food grown in the City is for sale. The Eastern Market is an international market offering fare for cuisine from cultures globally.

The Children’s hospital expansion at the Detroit Medical Center is another example of what is good about the city. Medical services are free for children regardless of income level and indigent status. This hospital is a world-renowned institution. Detroit is also a beacon for aspiring lawyers with three great law schools like The University of Detroit, Wayne State University, and the Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University. These three instructions are producing graduates that can practice law with the best, and give back to their communities. So the two great professions medicine and law are both good in Detroit.

Given the high cost of fuel, ridership is growing on Detroit Department of Transportation busses. Detroit has always been committed to mass transportation despite being the motor capital of the world. We all know that the city is experiencing an economic downturn like the rest of the country. It is not a one state recession as being advertised, but a 50 state depression. It seems that we were the first ones to feel the crunch and we are not alone. The entire country is going through a depression with Michigan leading the way at the moment. We still have some excellent homes that are currently abandoned by people and neglected by the banks. But like a rubber band, the first city that is down will be the first city to lead the way to nationwide prosperity. When Detroit comes back, it will be roaring, soaring, and scoring with the nation and the world.

Most of us are political disciples and admirers of the late Mayor Coleman S. Young. We also share his dream of having commercial air service return to City Airport. Mayor Young was an excellent pilot and an honorary member of the Tuskegee Airmen. Detroiters owe it to him to make the dream happen by any means necessary. We are a much better city than people want to believe; a melting pot of all ethnic groups who bring distinct gifts to sustain and maintain the survival of the city.

The Lions, Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings are good things about Detroit. Ford Field Joe Louis Arena and Tiger Stadium are teeming with the melting pot of Detroit love. The Detroit Zoo is what’s good about Detroit visitors from around the globe visit here yearly for this attraction alone.

Old and new Detroit residents have a commitment to the city by participating in community cleanup efforts and voicing their concerns for the children at Detroit Public Schools board meetings. While the rest of the world sees our children as dropouts, hoodlums, and thugs, we see them as future citizens working as police officers, fire fighters, nurses, teachers, doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, mechanics, carpenters, farmers, plumbers, etc. The graffiti writer of today may be the webmaster and computer engineer of the future developing cross-platform applications for use all over the world. The saggy pants wearing youth that the adults criticize and berate now, will grow to be a contributing citizen. We must make sure Detroit is a metropolis/village that bears responsibility to our youth to help them learn and earn. This is good about Detroit.

For all those who participate in Detroit’s public and private schools, we as parents will see to it that they take every opportunity that is provided to them in the system. One day, the Detroit Public School system will feature an online syllabus for high school students and parents to help keep track of their progress. We Detroiters have a pride in our city that is unmatched and undisputed. Detroiters handle their business politically and professionally. I look forward to the day when Detroit employees live within the city boundaries, and then the concept of true public service will come to fruition.

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