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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Resurgence of Coleman Young International Airport. (formerly known as City Airport)

“If it’s good enough for Condi, it's good enough for me.”

Super Bowl XL was one of the best events that the city of Detroit ever hosted. The game was such an event that Dr. Condoleezza Rice flew her government issued aircraft into Coleman Young International Airport (DTT) and had doorstep service in Detroit.

Her aircraft was treated with the upmost care by the men and women of the Detroit Police Department.

I see the need for a resurgence and re-investment in Coleman Young International airport. With a re-investment and a readjustment, Coleman Young International Airport could generate a sizable income despite the lagging economy. Currently Airlines like Mesaba, and others have smaller aircraft that can handle 20 passengers. We also see the need to upgrade the runways.

For a long range goal, we can offer commuter service to people who want to work in other cities by week and commute. Regardless of these facts, the people of the City shall not and will not let a City treasure such as City Airport be forgotten.

The total outlay will improve the neighborhood surrounding the airport by having 24 hour guarded parking lots and, allowing certified citizens in the surrounding neighborhood to let clients park their cars on their property while they are away.

I am committed to the city and will continue to fight for the City of Detroit.

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